One of the reasons visitors come to Scotland is for the whisky – it’s the national drink.

And everyone deserves a taste – if they’re over 18 of course!

So we are very excited to announce that Scotland’s food and drink map has an exciting new addition.

And it’s right here in Moffat.

The town’s first legal distillery has finally opened its doors to become a vibrant visitor attraction.

A dram without the drive

You don’t have to travel too far from Queensberry House to get to the latest distillery – you can walk.

Which means you can have a taste or two without having to drive back.

On the way, walk through Moffat’s high street and browse its independent shops and gaze in wonder at the town’s fine heritage all around.

Who is behind the new distillery?

Dark Sky Spirits – named to recognise Moffat’s dark sky status – is an independent producer and boutique blender of scotch whisky.

Its founders Erin and Nick Bullard have been selling blended malts across Dumfries & Galloway and beyond.

They are regulars at the local farmers’ markets, including Moffat.

Claim to fame: Scotland’s only direct wood-fired still

The signature whisky flavour will be created using traditional distilling techniques and modern technology.

Anything else?

And the Moffat Distillery is the smallest whisky producer in Scotland with a visitor centre.

Explore its grounds – and spot the otter!

The distillery is located on the outskirts of Moffat nestled in the hills on a site of 17 acres of land with three water courses – a wonderful green open space and perfect for a gentle wander.

There’s an otter too in its three-acre pond.

Our top tip – and tipple

Try the Auld Special Edition Blended Malt Scotch Whisky – matured in sherry casks for a delicate spicy flavour. Beautiful bottles too.

A great gift whatever the occasion.

Relax and take it all in…

You’ll be able to rest in the cosy café serving hot drinks and light bites.

Linger a while to savour the flavours and soak up the atmosphere.

Plus in time there will be a whisky library if you wanted to brush up on your knowledge.

The best bit… the tasting

There are tours – with tastings naturally – and a well-stocked bar offering whisky from all over Scotland.

Let Nick talk you through the subtleties and the stories of whisky.

The first single malt whisky

Distillation has now begun on that first single malt whisky that will take seven years to mature.

In the meantime, whisky blending will continue here as well as developing other products, including spirts and liqueurs.

Choose your blend then watch it being blended. Unique in the whisky world.

The building is worth the trip alone

We can definitely recommend a tour of the new Moffat Distillery.

The building is a striking space – it was a thrill for us to see it taking shape on an early hard hat tour.

Whether it’s a single malt that has taken seven years to mature or the blended malt scotch – The Moffat – that the producers made their name with, here’s your opportunity to soak up all things whisky.

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When you’ve had your fill of whisky, find out more about Moffat here.

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