Tour Southwest Scotland’s distilleries

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One of Scotland’s big draws is its national tipple.

The country has the greatest concentration of whisky production globally.

And everyone loves a distillery tour.

Get the measure of Southwest Scotland’s unique distillery map – all the distilleries are within easy distance of Moffat – and meet the people who’ve made spirits their passion.

Moffat’s first legal distillery

Finally open, the Moffat Distillery is almost on our doorstep… within walking distance of Queensberry House.

What’s so special about it?

  • It’s run by independent producer Dark Sky Spirits (named after Moffat’s dark sky status), boutique blenders of Scotch whisky
  • The only wood-fired still in Scotland for whisky and gin. And the wood is collected from a sustainable source.
  • The smallest whisky producer in Scotland with a visitor centre.
  • There is an otter in its pond.
  • In its grounds is the darkest spot in the dark sky town of Moffat.

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Get the five star experience

The award-winning Annandale Distillery is located on a historic site.

It was one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland: established in 1836 and then reborn in 2014.

Its tours include an ‘Annandale snifter’ and five tastings plus one to take home for the driver.

It’s a joy to visit even for those who are not whisky connoisseurs.

Look around the grounds for quirky artwork while the on-site Maltings Coffee Shop is a relaxing stop for lunch and afternoon tea.

And it’s not just whisky…

Take a shot at rum at the Ninefold Distillery, the first and only rum distillery in Southwest Scotland.

Located in two converted cattle byres, the award-winning rum is made from scratch in Scottish-made copper pot stills.

Choose from unaged, cask aged and spiced rum.

The perfect rum to create a magical cocktail – recipes on Ninefold’s website.

Of all the gin joints…

Opened in 2021, the Dark Arts Distillery is located in the Artists’ Town Kirkcudbright, next to the Galloway Park, the first dark sky park in the UK and western Europe.

It crafts a luxurious spirit using a custom-built still 450l Carl – which is called Peggy.

Sky Garden Gin is a classic to delight the purists: fresh and crisp notes, balanced with juniper with a hint of citrus.

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And if whisky isn’t your cup of tea, seek out the best tea rooms in Southwest Scotland here.

Find out more about Moffat here.


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