Discover why Moffat is Scotland’s best-kept secret

Nestled in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway, Moffat is a picturesque town surrounded by some of the most scenic and highest hills in the south of Scotland with great walking trails.

Moffat became a popular spa town in the 17th century because of its sulphurous waters, believed to have healing properties.

People flocked to the town for these “healing waters” which were piped from the well to what is now the Town Hall.

As locals and visitors-in-the-know are aware, this historic spa town has a unique charm and character of its own, steeped in history and culture.

And for a small town it has a lot to offer.

Photo of stone church with trees on each side of the driveway with pick flowers

Perfect photo opportunities…

There are so many quirky landmarks that provide the perfect opportunity to stop, admire and take a shot or two…


  • Extraordinary scenic views and peaceful places.
  • Historical buildings a-plenty.
  • The rich green space of Station Park and its boating lake.
  • Scotland’s narrowest street – it’s a tight squeeze!
  • A full-size spitfire in one resident’s garden.
  • The iconic Moffat Ram in the centre of the high street.
  • The two oldest houses dating from 1723 and 1751.
  • The Gothic style St Andrew’s Church.
  • The Old Churchyard and its historic gravestones.
  • Glorious flowerbeds all around town.

Enjoy by day…

Moffat stands out as a beacon of community spirit, independent shops, impressive heritage and friendly locals.

It has a unique double high street which came second in Scotland’s most beautiful high street in 2017 – a competition for spaces that were “clean, attractive, accessible, vibrant and inclusive for all to enjoy”.

Delve into Moffat’s independent shops from its smart interiors stores and bijou bookshop to its souvenir and gift shops, showcasing local arts and crafts.

There is also a wealth of places to eat and drink, whether you want coffee and cake or a leisurely lunch between trips exploring. Or pick up a snack at a local bakery and walk along the riverside where you can perch on a bench and watch the world and the wildlife go by.

As you wander around the town you will continually see the dramatic surrounding scenery through breaks in the streetscape – so many perfect photo opportunities.

Photo of white stone historic row house which houses the Queensberry House
Photo of white stone historic row house which houses the Queensberry House

Enjoy by night…

From the award-winning restaurant Brodies with its elegant gin lounge to Claudios, one of the top 20 Italian restaurants in Scotland, the food in Moffat is downright delicious and the ambiance and service tip top.

There is a rich cultural scene from many live music venues where local musicians gather and welcome visitors to join in the fun, to its characterful theatre hosting local drama, festival shows and film nights. The town is a favourite stop-off for many visiting arts festivals and literary events.

And after your night on the town – experience the joy of walking back to Queensberry House.

Stop and take it all in…

While you will not be short of things to do in Moffat, day or night, make sure you also take the time to stop, step back and appreciate the surroundings and the environment of this historic spa town.

Moffat is full of fine buildings, many of which are listed including Queensberry House. Take the time to stop and admire – there is a wealth of breathtaking architecture, decorative details and intricate metalwork. You will want to bring your camera.

Photo of white stone historic row house which houses the Queensberry House
Photo of white stone historic row house which houses the Queensberry House

And make sure you look up…

We are very proud of the fact that Moffat is Europe’s first Dark Sky Town – it is THE place to go stargazing. There is very little light pollution and so the night skies are truly dark. Take the time to stop and look up – you will be amazed at what you can see even with the naked eye.

Moffat is also the perfect haven for birdwatchers. Take the time to stop and look out – there are plenty of opportunities to spot peregrine falcons (the world’s fastest animal), buzzards, red kites – and maybe even a golden eagle.

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