We are thrilled we have been awarded a Green Tourism Bronze Award.

To further minimise our impact on the environment we have brought in the following changes:

Let there be light…

To avoid unnecessary electricity use, a light sensor is installed in the hallway.

There is LED lighting throughout the house.

And not drafts!

Our Victorian house is insulated where possible.

Drafts have been suppressed with secondary glazing on the original sash windows.

A touch of glass

Plastic bottles of water have been replaced with reusable glass bottles of the finest Moffat water and milk is offered in mini flasks for use in our guests’ rooms.

We decant jams and marmalades into reusable kilner jars and butter into ceramic dishes.

We offer yoghurt as and when to guests rather than leave out individual pots.

Waste not want not

To reduce food waste, we ask guests to complete a breakfast order the night before. We have a multiple-night minimum stay policy to reduce our carbon footprint.

Turning the tables

Paper serviettes have been replaced with reusable cloth (and more elegant) napkins.

A better brew

We are starting to use loose-leaf tea instead of teabags to cut back on plastic.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

We recycle as much as possible – plastic, paper, cardboard – using a local drop-off centre or curb-side collection.

Shop local

We are happy to support our independent outlets here in Moffat (bakers, butcher, greengrocers, deli) and the surrounding region.

Cleaning up

Toiletries and cleaning products are bought in bulk and decanted into smaller bottles to reduce plastic use and car emissions. We are using eco-friendly cleaning product Koh.

Guest bathrooms contain hand wash and shower gel/shampoo which have:

• Ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free – made in the UK

• Free from SLS and parabens

• Bought in bulk in 5 litre containers made from 30% recycled plastic

• Dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin

Top towels

We are using eco towel sheets, which take 15% less time to dry than conventional textiles – saving energy.

The towels are a luxury 600g weight because we don’t compromise on standards and eco-friendly because the planet deserves it.

Proud supporters of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere

What does a biosphere do?
• Promote the preservation of wildlife, habitats and landscape.
• Support a better understanding of nature and global issues.
• Foster a sustainable economy and society.
• Plus: a commitment to address Climate Change.

Want to carbon offset your travel?

Coming by car, motorbike or aeroplane?

Why not carbon offset your journey?

For example, a return journey by car from London to Moffat is just £4*.

One way to carbon offset in Moffat could be to make a donation to our local community woodland where your money will be spent on tree planting and maintaining a biodiverse green space.

For more details, go to Moffat Community Woodlands or ask us.

Why not take a walk around the woodland?

It’s just a few minutes away from Queensberry House and you’ll really get to know this spectacular landscape.

How can we up our eco game?

If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch either on our website or email us.

Explore green idylls

Find out about the top 10 open spaces in Dumfries and Galloway here.

*700 miles at 50mpg = 0.16 tonne carbon x £25 = £4 (£25 plants and protects 25 sq metres of woodland, enough to capture 1 tonne of co2 (source: Woodland Trust)