We take five with… Gordon Stewart of the Füe Fighters, Scotland’s Foo Fighters tribute band, who play Moffat Town Hall at the Beef Tub Biker Bash.

Describe your music in three words.

Loud, hot and sweaty.

How will you prepare for your gig in Moffat?

We’ll source a pre-gig kebab or pizza. In the good ole days, we’d have piled into Toosh’s chip shop but sadly she isn’t with us anymore. I went to school at Moffat Academy and Toosh probably supplied me with 75% of my childhood diet!

How did the band come together?

I’m a huge Foo Fighters fan and put an advert in joinmyband.com in 2014 for like-minded individuals. Replies came in immediately and we were up and running within a month. I knew our drummer Scotty, a fellow FF fan, from other tribute acts so it wasn’t hard to convince him.

What song sums you up?

The Foo’s Have It All. We all love it and it gets folks jumping about in a big way. I think most men can relate to the lyrics!

What’s your favourite encore track?

Monkey Wrench. It just rocks.

Ever get stage fright?

Never with the band. Stewie, our bassist, doesn’t normally smoke but he always has one cigarette before going on stage. He says it calms his nerves. You’d never know he was nervous though as he’s always so laidback on stage.

Describe the buzz of a live gig.

You can’t beat it. When it all comes together as a band it’s just the biggest buzz you can get.

Apart from the Foo Fighters, who are your guitar heroes?

For me: Rick Parfitt of Status Quo. The guy simply rocked his socks off. For the others: Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, Brian May of Queen and Joe Perry of Aerosmith. For Scotty, our drummer, it’s Neil Peart from Rush.

Ever met the Foo?

I met Nate Mendel (the Foo’s bass player) outside the Barras in Glasgow in 1997 after a gig. I didn’t really appreciate it at the time as I was just starting to get into them then. For the Foo Fighters gig at Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park in August, we are doing the fan meet-up for the pre-show. Maybe we’ll get to meet Dave Grohl and the band then…

What’s next for the Füe Fighters?

Plenty of gigs around Scotland this year. We’re back in Dumfriesshire on 20 July at the Venue in Dumfries. Nothing overseas. Unless you class Arran as overseas!

The Füe Fighters, Scotland’s Foo Fighters tribute band, play Moffat Town Hall on 24 May as part of the Beef Tub Biker bash. Tickets from the Ram Shack. For other tour dates, go to the band’s Facebook page.

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